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I have long admired adventure guides.

Even as a kid growing up the son of a seasonal ranger at Mt. Rainier National Park in Washington, I was enamored with the guides. These heroes generally guided with Rainier Mountaineering Inc. (Now RMI)

I was never going to be a great climber. But then I found whitewater rafting and learned to guide. The experience had a profound effect. It changed me as a leader and as a person.

There are great, insightful adventure guides in many disciplines, and I've climbed, rafted, and fished with a number of them. 

"The Steep List" 

These are the guides and adventure leaders I most admire. Admittedly, there's nothing scientific about it. These are people I know, have connected with, or admired from afar - and hope to connect with one day.

Here are some qualifications I've considered for "The Steepest":

  • A standout in the field of adventure leadership

  • A "requested" guide who's earned the affinity and support of clients

  • Held in high esteem by other guides

  • Demonstrated success as a guide in a chosen field or multiple disciplines

  • Is known for the ability to effectively guide; it's about the people

  • Has prolific guiding experience on multiple adventures

  • Has pioneered ideas and innovated in the world of adventure guiding

  • Has written, broadcast, or shared media in the adventure vertical

  • An up-and-comer in the guiding world

  • A "crossover" guide; someone who's been successful in adventure and business or non-guide life

  • An adventure client with deep and unique perspectives and observations about the guiding world


Nominated Steep Leaders

Do you know a world-class guide who inspires you? I'd like to interview them and help to promote their business! Please drop me a line and put me in touch. I'm looking for podcast guests and leaders with great stories.

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